Dirty Rigger Custom Gloves for Total Structures

Dirty Rigger® – 7 years with Total Structures

Dirty Rigger® collaborates with total structures for the 7th year running, sponsoring their latest Roof School with custom gloves and discount vouchers for all their Industry Specialist attendees.

In late 2011, Total Structures began putting together a plan for their first training program which focused on the outdoor structures market. At the same time, the Dirty Rigger® brand was beginning to gain traction and people in the US were taking notice. As we had worked with TS previously, they approached us with a great opportunity to sponsor the event, to which we happily agreed. In doing so, we were able to offer our specialist products and discounts to all the attendees, in return for some great exposure to our target audience.

Total Structures had previously considered other brands for rigging gloves and tools but in general, they found that other brands were not up to dealing with the rigorous environment associated with a typical outdoor staging gig.

Elmer Veith, technical sales manager at Total Structures says;

“The products from Dirty Rigger could definitely handle the abuse! They were in keeping with the spirit of offering our customers the best products available for the job. It wasn’t a question of whether we were comfortable introducing this line to our customers, it was a question of whether Dirty Rigger wanted to jump in with us”.

Dirty Rigger® have been along for the ride ever since and established a great working relationship. Since 2012 Total Structures has offered a dozen different training workshops to their customers, and Dirty Rigger® has offered support for each one of them.

We look forward to this relationship continuing for many more years to come.