Dirty Rigger Scratching Man Faded Grey

We live by 4 simple values.

  1. Listen to what customers want.
  2. Work with them to provide it.
  3. Keep listening to make sure we’ve got it right.
  4. Listen some more.

It’s been that way from day one and we feel it’s what makes so many people continue to use and praise our products. We’re incredibly vocal about what we’re working on (Join in on Facebook) and what people think of our range. Talking to people is the only way we can make our products not only seriously good to start with, but keep making them better and better and constantly develop new lines.

Where did it all start?
Our parent company, Le Mark Group have supplied tapes and accessories to the arts and entertainment market since 1982. For many years they distributed gloves from some of the biggest manufactuers around the world (and loved doing it), but they felt they could offer something a little different and wanted to create something from scratch with a range that was built almost entirely from user input. In 2010, Dirty Rigger® was born. Since then (and by little more than word of mouth) we’ve grown to supply over 120 distributors in over 50 countries across the globe. We’re really quite proud of that!

Where did the logo come from?
Like we mentioned above, we’ve spent a lot of time on site, we thought it was quite fitting 🙂