Dirty Rigger® Podger/Tool Lanyard with Stage Depot

Stage Depot are an online retailer for theatre supplies with an emphasis on quality products. They specialise in lighting and rigging equipment and pride themselves on reliable and friendly customer service.

We started working with Stage Depot back in early 2016, since then they have been a very proactive distributor, stocking a wide range of Dirty Rigger® and MagTape® products. Stage Depot are one of our key ‘go to’ clients for new product development and feedback. As one of the first Dirty Rigger® distributors to stock the all new Podger Lanyard, here is what they had to say:

“The Dirty Rigger Podger lanyard is loved by our customers and supplements many common tools in the entertainment industry. The lanyard features a sturdy and reliable carabiner on one end and a small eyelet which is perfect for popular rigging tools such as Podgers and Quad Spanners, allowing easy transport and security when working at height.

The lanyard features a shorter spring when compared with other tool lanyards which helps prevent tangles and provides greater control at the tool end. The Dirty Rigger lanyard is also durable and appears professional, with a heavy duty wire and colours ideal for use in a theatre

Our customers have had a strong positive reaction to the product, often ordering at the same time as a Podger or Spanner.

Based on customer feedback we love this product, 5 stars!”