Camera assistant Bianka wearing our LED Chest Rig whilst holding a camera on set

Minimise bulk. Maximise workflow: We Talk Dirty to Camera Trainee, Bianka

The last thing you need whilst working outside, wearing your chunky thermals, is having to fiddle around a bulky AC bag. In the TV & Film industry, things often happen in the moment and you need to be ready.

Trainee Camera operator, Bianka, was on the lookout for something that could give instant access to her essential tools. It needed to be user friendly, adjustable, and ergonomic. Additionally, something that she could throw over her clothes, even a coat, would be an advantage.

Having regularly seen the Dirty Rigger brand while shopping for expendables, Bianka was intrigued at what they could offer. The advantages of minimal bulk and quick access pockets on the LED Chest Rig, instantly grabbed her attention. In addition, the shoulder mounted LED torch could prove to be useful in low light conditions.

“I have an AC pouch bag for my tools, however in my last job we were shooting outdoors after dark which wasn’t ideal. I find my AC pouch to be more fiddly to access when I’m wearing my thermals and jackets. The Dirty Rigger LED Chest Rig is easy to put on over my clothes. It also has a handy LED light which has been a huge help when shooting in low light circumstances.”

It’s a fit!

Bianka sometimes finds it difficult to source industry specific products which adjust perfectly to her small frame size. A vest which conformed to her shape was important for comfort and practicality. Therefore she was thrilled to find the LED Chest Rig supported this with its adjustable shoulder and torso straps.

“I have a small body frame and sometimes it can be difficult to buy industry products which adjust to my body shape. I love how I can adjust the Dirty Rigger LED Chest Rig to fit me perfectly.”

The quality is superb.

To round it up we asked Bianka why she chose our products over other brands…

“The Dirty Rigger brand has good visibility in all the shops I get my expendables and tools from. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to my tools and I know I get that from Dirty Rigger. The quality is superb in your products and the designs are very user friendly and ergonomic.”

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us Bianka, we wish you all the luck in the future!