Riaz wearing our LED Chest Rig on a film set with gaffer tape attachments and light metre

A fast-access Chest Rig for a Fast-paced Filmmaker

Riaz Ahmed works as a focus puller filmmaker where job speed and efficiency are key.  With this it’s important to have the right tools, at the right time without being bulked down, making life that little bit smoother. With a quick access utility vest like our slick LED Chest Rig, we’re finding this is increasingly popular for the very reasons as Riaz explains below…

“My main challenge is keeping up with the demand of doing tasks fast and efficiently. Also keeping essential tools on my person without being weighed down. Speeding up my workflow was the aim and the LED Chest Rig really helps with this. Keeping the key tools I need on my person is what makes productions run on time. This can include my tools to keep lenses clean, tools to adjust rigging on camera, changing memory cards, storing used cards, and other maintenance tools and camera tape.”

A ‘glowing’ review for our LED Chest Rig…

“The on board LED torch is an excellent addition as being behind camera you find yourself in darkness all the time, this handy light means I don’t have to carry the burden a heavy torch on my chest for most uses. The adjustable radio pocket makes for less things hanging around my waist and when in tight or high places I get peace of mind when it comes to worrying about a radio falling off.”

Get a glove that does both…

“The fingerless comfort fit gloves are great as they offer excellent protection to palm of my hands when handling camera and other equipment but also keeping the fingers free for pulling focus. As a focus puller, we use the senses in our finger to make nimble and precise movements and the dirty rigger gloves offer that freedom and contributes to our performance on set. The framer comfort fit gloves offer that same freedom but also keeping the other fingers warm in the colder days.”

The best utility vest on the market

Rounding it up we asked Riaz why he chose to use our products over other brands on the market

“I chose Dirty Rigger because they have the best utility vest on the market with the most ideal price point. It’s long lasting as I still use the first one, I bought years ago. And same for the Dirty Rigger gloves. I am still using the ones I first bought and not had any issues with tearing or thread ripping.”

Thanks so much for your feedback Riaz! We wish you all the luck for the future mate.